March 19th, 2018

Cimarron Valley Research Station does it right! On March 8, 2018 they hosted a “spray day” at their research station in Perkins, Ok. After a nice welcome including coffee and donuts, the crowd was divided into seven groups. Each group spent fifteen minutes in an informative out door lecture or demonstration rotating so that each group went through each of the seven stations. After an excellent lunch the process was repeated with slightly larger groups going through four stations. The group then split up and walked or rode to their choice of sprayer demonstrations. Pecan orchard, vineyard, and produce were available. Swiharts were privileged to have several demos in the fields.

It was a very informative, effective and efficient day! Topics included safety, calibrating, drift, chemicals, sprayer tips, and demos.

The OSU staff is extremely knowledgeable and offer a great service!