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Meet Roger Swihart and his pet Watusi named Charlie. Together they make quite the selling pair.

Roger’s no ordinary salesman. Ask many of his happy customers he’s had over the past 40 years. He’s known for going the extra mile when it comes to service after the sale. After being national salesman for Spray Innovations, Roger and his wife Mary Jane purchased the company in 2008. Roger turned 71 this year so decided to sell Spray Innovations. (For sprayer information click the “Spray Innovations” tab at the top of the page.) Roger enjoys fishing, hunting Morel Mushrooms and gardening. His wife Mary Jane (an R.N) is secretary for the business. In the front of their warehouse Mary Jane has had weekly garage sales to raise money for “Bundles of Love” — a charity project with the goal of warming cold children in the world. She is currently in the process of closing due to her metastatic cancer diagnosis.

Every 3 years for the past 21 years. Roger has enjoyed a fishing trip to Canada with his son Lee and other family and friends sponsored by the SI Feeder Wagon Company. On one of the trips they announced that Roger was their top S.I. feeder wagon salesman in the US.

Picture taken in Haiti while visiting family that was working for Water for Life

Swihart Sales Company offers a wide range of farm and cattle spraying equipment for sale for farming and agricultural needs across the country.

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