Motorized Mist Sprayers

A wide variety of motorized mist sprayer models are available. If you do not have a tractor with a PTO, this may be the perfect spraying solution for you. Either tow the mist sprayer behind your ATV (trailer model) or put one in the back of your truck or ATV.

We also offer a smaller engine model that will fit in almost all utility vehicles, the Little Hercules. Click here for more information.

Some Key Features Include:

  • High quality 20 HP engine
  • Electric start engine
  • Electric valve kit
  • Electric actuator to rotate direction of chemical spray
  • 15″ fan
  • Hoist bar – easy to use bar to help lift the sprayer into your vehicle of choice

Several Volutes Available:

  • 4, 5 and 10 nozzle
  • Dual
  • Vegetable

Optional Accessories Include:

  • Hand gun kit

Several Tank Sizes:

  • 55, 110 and 150 gal.

Model # M-415-411E

Swihart Sales Company offers a great selection of motorized mist sprayers and blowers for farming and agricultural needs across the country.

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