Watusi Cattle (For Sale)

Name: Lucy
10 year old barren heifer
Dog gentle
Kitten tame
Will come to you in a 1,000 acre pasture and follow you around like a dog.
Price: $1,500

Name: Thunder
Very gentle steer
Native pure WWANP 4788 BSCC Red Thunder 6-13-15
Price: $4,000

Name: Ruka
Gentle steer
Native pure WWANP 4572 8-4-15
Price: $4,000

Name: Gladys
One of a kind horn
Gentle cow
Price: $4,000

Name: High Dingo
Man Dingo, Senator, Buffalo Bill, Bwana, and Woody all in her pedigree
Longtusi bull calf at side out of Beretta 531. Likely bred back to Beretta for a 2021 calf.
Price: $5,500

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